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Visualize Important Data

We help Individuals and Groups visualize important information in their communities and around the world.

Our Situation and Event Mapping Platform offers real-time monitoring and alerts to assist in crowd-sourced sharing of incidents such as extreme weather, hazards, outdoor activities, sightings and other topics of interest.

Real-Time Event Mapping

Custom User Alerts

Community Group Support

We are ALL connected

No matter what social group you belong to, what neighborhood you live in or what your political or religious views are..we all can help each other with situational awareness.

By reporting what is going on in your community, we can leverage everyone's eyes and ears and become more aware. Please share and be aware!

Data Your Way

We believe that you should receive the information you want, from the location you want, when you want it.

Currently we have to sift through countless social media sites and groups (In different towns and with varied topics), hope information isn't missed because of confusing algorithms, rely on sometimes biased news sources or hope we have the right combination of apps and newsfeeds to keep us informed.

Urgent Watch is working to change that...

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High Winds

High Winds

50 Broadway
San Francisco,California
United States 94111

Source: Urgent Watch
Group: Urgent Watch Member

High Winds

High Winds

Z Road
United States 66952


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